Monday, July 18, 2016

"I was attacked by Demons!"

"I was once targeted and attacked by SATAN and His Demons!" KAAIHUE Stated in an off-camera interview.
"Over the years, I was the victim and attacked by Demons through the means of NON-CHRISTIANS!! I know from first-hand experience, what it's like to be the victim of racial discrimination and for being a Christian. I know the evil that lurks and how NON-CHRISTIANS ARE USED TO MISLEAD US. I KNOW THE LIES, THE MANIPULATION. I know what it's like to be the victim of Cruel and Unusual Punishment. I know what it's like to attack my family by NON-Christians, and now they threaten my families lands. I NOW know how the DEVIL lies and deceives us ALL, AND it is proven by all the HATE that TULSI GABBARD'S (A HINDU) SUPPORTERS AND FOLLOWERS send me for taking a STAND for GOD through my Christian faith!!"
Angela Kaaihue, a Candidate for U.S.Congress, District 2, is making her rounds throughout the islands to campaign for Christianity. She plans to visit Kauai first, then the Big Island, which she claims is her 2nd home. She said she is not sure if she will make it to Maui, but definitely if she wins the primaries, she will.
Though she has been persecuted by competitors, Tulsi Gabbard and her Hindu following, she stands strong, she claims is for her 1 GOD most high. She said, "If you believe in GOD, then you also believe in the DEVIL!
U. S. Candidate, Angela Kaaihue continues to state, "I never knew until recently, how my name Angela 'Messenger of God', made NON-CHRISTIANS SO angry I became their target and victim. I thought it was because of my youthful looks, and that they were JEALOUS, I thought it was racial discrimination, BUT it was my name that identified me as a Christian, and angered NON-CHRISTIANS, and they targeted and attacked me. I'd never thought I'd get into politics, BUT I had to take a stand and rise up to educate the public, and create an awareness, otherwise me and my family would continue to be victimized by SATAN AND HIS DEMONS. I needed to fight off these DEMONS for my family!! And I pray everyday, I say AMEN!! and Hallelujah! Those that labeled me a trouble-maker, now fear me, as I stand for GOD! I know GOD is stronger and in the end he always wins! I stand with GOD as my Lord and Savior!"
She continued to say, "In the most recent years, I saw how SATAN- the Devil and his Demons have used NON-Christians and they have taken over Hawaii's Politics, Economics, and Real Estate, that pretty much is Hawaii! This deeply disturbed me!! We are being lied to, take for example the rail, which started off as a 2-3 billion dollar project. It now is at 10.7 billion and will continue to rise. A perfect example as how he uses NON-CHRISTIANS and manipulates us with his lies and deceit. While most of us are blinded and unaware of the actual situation, and who is behind this using ignorant NON-CHRISTIANS which attract his demons. But now, I hope you are aware, and that you are educated, and that you have FREE-WILL to elect a Christian over a NON-Christian. This is SATAN in his works, we are LIED and DECEIVED. The NON-CHRISTIANS are everywhere in our politics and Hawaii, including Hawaii's TOP leaders representing us in Washington D.C. and these NON-CHRISTIANS are being worshiped and praised for doing so. This is UNGODLY and this is UN-AMERICAN!! The demons are lurking in all the dark places of Hawaii, perhaps this explains why our Homeless situation is still growing. The Hindu's believe that Homeless people are reincarnated Hindus, if they didn't do enough good deeds, BUT you come back as a reincarnated cow GOD if you do enough good deeds. Again, this is another LIE!"
People want to call U.S. Candidate, Angela Kaaihue a JOKE, BUT those that believe in reincarnation into a Homeless person or a cow, now that is a big JOKE!, and if you can't see that, then you are definitely blinded by the works of the DEVIL and his demons", she continued to state.
"That is NOT American at all!!. As a Texas-Born American, raised in Hawaii, I was born to lead, and I was born to take a stand, and voice my opinion, and rise to be a leader. This is for my father's who fought for our rights as AMERICANS! My father GOT cancer from marching through the forest in VIETNAM. When most American's we're being drafted, my father had VALOR, for the love of his country he signed up to fight for our American rights!! I say I'm CANCER-FREE and HEALTHY, and I'm scrutinized by my competitor's followers and supporters whom are NON-CHRISTIANS for being CANCER-FREE! How dare they do this. This is a HOLY WAR, and I'm fighting for GOD and for AMERICA!! And I am healthy enough to take this job for America, for Hawaii! I am very much alive, and I am proud to be Cancer-FREE!!"
If you would like to schedule an interview, with U.S.Candidate Angela Kaaihue, 2nd District, you may email or call her. She has stated that she is waiting till after the primaries, and if she is the elected to be the Republican Candidate, she will freely Preach the Word as much as possible, especially to all those who will listen with a good heart, and intentions up until the November General Election!
With only 26 days left until the Primaries, she continues to remain positive, she knows that she's doing the right thing as long as she continues to give her credit to GOD, and that it is his guidance that she is doing what needs to be done. She may NOT be your so-called "perfect candidate", but she brings you the truth, as she is guided by the calling of GOD and his angels.
"Last week, I was having my doubts, and just then a white dove flew across the sky in front of me, that gave me hope and reminded me of my faith!", she stated and ended her interview.

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