Monday, August 1, 2016

#1 PLATFORM- HYDROPOWER - Hawaii's Future Energy Resource

HYDROPOWER is just another one of my platforms. Hawaii uses about 500 million gallons for electricity production. Why haven't we tapped into our natural renewable energy resource? Because our politicians are mostly attorneys and loyal to their mother countries, NOT AMERICA. To build HYDROPOWER, We need cooperation from City, State, and Federal, and of course any community association and any Outdoor circles that want to override our laws and put their little 2 cents in.Now watch, I'll have a bunch of people trying to steal my idea again, and claim credit.
It just amazes me that 144,992 Voted for a HINDU, this is the # that is needed to convert Hawaii back to Christianity. It really took another downfall, a HINDU to be elected to REALLY have captured my attention, AND it better have captured Hawaii's attention, that this is definitely wrong for Hawaii, wrong for AMERICA. Our politics, and social-economics have been spiraling downwards, AND this is the reason why, because we keep voting in NON-CHRISTIANS!! Our forefathers were Christians, it was common law, it was never an issue before! WE ARE CHRISTIANS, our Human rights are founded on Christianity, and falls within the guidelines of the HOLY bible.
And it's these NON-Christians that are ripping our STATE off with this 10.7+ Escalating costs of the rail.
We're going to make Hawaii great again. We're going to work towards an energy efficient, and independent nation. WE don't like to be dependant on any country for their oil, or food. We grow our own food, let's stop exporting our foods out of STATE. Feed Hawaii first! Vote Kaaihue, I am a Christian! I believe in 1 GOD, NOT Strange GODS!

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