Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hindu 4 Congress??

"TULSI GABBARD is running for public office as a representative of her constitutes. You know, us guys. So while she is entitled to her personal views regarding race, religion, etc, she is NOT entitled to embarrass us in the National spotlight by behaving like a degenerate making statements that any reasonable person would understand to be immoral, inappropriate, inflammatory and irrational. We have a right to expect our representatives to hold themselves to basic civil mature standards and act as our voice with professionalism, class and dignity. She has not only shamed herself, she has shamed all of us in front of the entire world. There are standards of decency that we have a right to expect from our civil servants. We deserve it. Too bad TULSI doesn’t seem to think so or care. She doesn’t care about Hawai’i. She’s not even from here. She cares about attention in any form she can get it. Unfortunately it’s at our expense."
Hold up. First of all what does her behavior have to do with HILLARY? Stop redirecting the issue away from her personal accountability by comparing her with HILLARY. Last I heard Trump is not, nor has he ever claimed to be, from Hawai’i. He’s NYC’s problem. This Wahine is negatively representing us, our present (and past) ‘ohana and our ‘āina with hewa and na’au ‘ino and the National media thinks she is Kanaka. The only blatant racism toward Nā Kanaka in this whole train wreck is from TULSI herself! In Kanaka focused FB groups (that you and I have both participated in over the years), she called all Hawaiians “welfare hoarders” and stated we lost our land because we’re “all ignorant”. All because her mana’o was challenged in a post. Would your Kūpuna approve of her puaʻo ʻŌlelo? I can say with 100% certainty, mine would not. They would kapu her. She is appropriating the inoa ‘ohana Ka’aihue for attention. She has no regard for anyone, especially Nā Kanaka. She’s pono ‘ole. Ho’ohilahila."


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