Monday, August 1, 2016


YES!! We had such a great time on the Big Island. Greeted by so many friendly faces, and seeing a couple of my Science professors. One whom is running her own campaign for Mayor!
Staying at Waikoloa, I'm still committed to running my own Low-budget campaign, and financing our own. Using social media, and technology, and with a good Service or Product, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars. Besides, I'm worth more than all of Hawaii's politicians put together. So I have nothing to prove. We own more land that most people can't imagine or even comprehend, and it's a gold mine ready to be mined out, with the right timing and crew. I always believed in timing.
Why I model? Because a pictures tells a thousand words. So please enjoy my hundreds of thousands of words, as we share our pictures with you!! We had bought a timeshare about 2 years ago, and it really has come in handy, along with using the internet and technology, it really has NOT costed us much in getting the recognition that we need. And guess what? I made it to the General Election!
So keep watching, and learning! Aloha Hawaii, for all your support. The BigIsland, my 2nd home, I will definitely be spending more time there.
If you are a registered voter, make sure you got the yellow card. #VoteKaaihue2016

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